Slap on a Hat

Tips for choosing Sun Hats.

Wide Brimmed and Bucket hats provide the best sun protection for the face, head, ears and neck. Legionnaire hats also provide good UV protection. Baseball caps do not protect the face, head, ears and neck.

A good sun protective hat will protect your eyes too.

When choosing your hat, remember:

  • a hat should shade your face, head, ears and neck
  • a wide brimmed hat should have a brim of at least 7.5 cm
  • a bucket hat should have a deep crown, angled brim of at least 6 cm and sit low on the head
  • legionnaire hats should have a flap that covers the neck and overlaps at the sides of the front peak
  • use a brim attachment or legionnaire cover if wearing a hardhat or helmet.

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Link across here to Cancer Council's Sun Protection Guidelines : http://www.sunsmart.com.au/uv-sun-protection/slap-on-a-hat

Extract from www.sunsmart.com.au